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Please understand: I get dozens, and sometimes, over a hundred messages a day. It’s my honor to be in your thoughts, but I don’t have enough time to respond to each message. I’m much more likely to respond to messages which are well-written and to the point. And to answer a few common questions…

– if you want dating advice, please post in our Private Forums. If you don’t have access, buy one of our programs. Seriously – dating-related questions sent through this form don’t even make it to my eyes… please save yourself the time!

– if you have a customer service questions for The Social Man, send a message to We have eight people working there around the clock so you’ll get a much faster reply.

– if you want business advice, please see my Coaching page.

– if you have kind (or spiteful) words to say, I can’t wait to read them :)

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