I love helping others succeed, and if I had my way, I’d spend most of my time coaching and consulting. But with a business to run, and more requests for coaching than I can even field, I’ve had to become very selective about who I work with. I know this, though – if we do work together, you and/or business will experience incredible growth. Here are a few ways I can help:

Copywriting: I’ve directly written, or advised on many of the top-performing sales letters in my industry. I can help you hone your copywriting chops, or craft your letter into the next big thing.

Operations & Systems: I’ve built a global, eight-figure e-commerce business that runs without drama. I can help you design the processes and systems that will help you do the same.

Marketing Strategy: I’ve generated millions of dollars of online revenue for my business and for others. I can help you develop your channels, your message, your funnels, your campaigns, and all that other fun stuff.

Hiring & Compensation: I’ve hired exceptional talent and built innovative compensation plans. I can help you find great talent, and develop exciting, performance-based compensation.

Management: I’ve built teams of happy, motivated employees who are challenged and fulfilled. I can help you improve your team’s performance, coordination, and enthusiasm.

In short, if you’re a business owner who wants to go from six to seven, or seven or eight figures, there’s a pretty good chance I can help get you there quickly and enjoyably.

I charge $1000/hour.

I also have a 15-Session, 4-month Copywriting Plan for $12,000, which will take you from zero, to a highly profitable funnel, and leave you with lifelong copywriting skills. The prerequisite: you’ve already built a sales page, and have driven a few sales via both affiliates and advertising.

You already know if you’re a good fit for me. And if you know me, or have spent time on this site, then you know if I’m a good fit for you. Please don’t inquire if you don’t see the exceptional value in the price, want to negotiate, or if you need to be “sold”. If you are seriously interested, then please contact me here. Include…

  • a 1-paragraph summary of your business
  • your last two years gross and net numbers
  • a 1-paragraph summary of your current challenges
  • what you’d specifically be interested in working on

And one final thought: I know what it is to work with coaches and consultants who don’t deliver. That won’t be me. Our engagement will depend on my assessment of whether or not I think I can truly help you, and if I’m the best fit for you, or if there is another better coach or course. And if that we do end up working together, then it’ll be fun to build something great!

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