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How many sins must one commit to be a sinner?

It’s a question I’ve pondered as I’ve grown my business from a small collection of Google videos, produced by two dudes whose debt ran into the six figure range, to a multi-million dollar enterprise, with staff on three continents.

I’ve become good… ok, actually, I’ll ditch the modesty – I’ve become un-freaking-believable… at selling hope to the lonely, the marginalized, the frustrated. Not quite as good as Obama circa 2008, but enough that it bears reflection.

My marketing is highly effective at connecting with the insecurities, unhelpful beliefs, and outrageous hopes of my audience – single men who want to be better with women.

I vilify their oppressors, propose quick and easy answers, and strain the beams of credulity in general… but never so far that they break under the weight of those who refuse to pay the toll at the end of the bridge, and become customers.

Pretty bad, huh?  Well wait a sec, because not only does that all happen, but my team and I continue to systematically refine this whole act. What foul business!

I’d feel more remorse about it all if I didn’t enjoy it so much.

But more importantly, I believe in what I sell. I believe in it with all my heart, and I’d do everything within the bounds of the law – and even commit a few minor sins – to get people to buy it. I believe it’s life-changing, world-improving work that makes for great men, and better relationships, and I’m greatly frustrated that it’s not in the hands and minds of more men.

And yet…

I’ve begun to feel constrained by the boundaries of that which has made my business successful. The intersection of my personal interests, and what we sell, has become smaller and smaller as I’ve grown in wisdom and experience. I find myself penning notes that have nothing to do with dating, and everything to do with business, life, risk, and happiness.

And perhaps even moreso…

I think about the future. I believe that “we are what we do” and I’m concerned that a life spent winning the game with fastballs needs balance, lest I lose perspective on the good stuff – reflecting, sharing some thoughts, and hopefully helping some peeps out along the way.

I feel fortunate to launch this with no particular goal. There’s no burden of turning it into something that produces revenue, subscribers, etc. I don’t have aspirations of being on Dr. Oz or having a sponsor-worthy personal brand, and Lord knows I’m not in it to run affiliate products or pitch high-priced coaching from webinars.

Nope, the only burden is that of a restless mind… and a constellation of thoughts in which I live, day-in and day-out. I hope they’re as enjoyable for you to read as they are for me to write.
Author: Jonathan Christian Hudson

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Currently running a business, traveling through South America, taking some photography, and loving a woman. If you like looking at pretty things and people, you might like my photography.


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  • I have to tell you, that thing that of “what you do is what you are” sounds a lot like “what you eat is where you come from” (similar analogies). Me per example, I have been finding myself into things that I do that are mad wrong, later to realize that we are here to make mistakes and learn. Sometimes I could be right, and sometimes they could be wrong. Is all a matter of their personal opinion, in which they are entitled to. Yet, going back to what you “do”, is only one important thing. You can make mistakes in what you do, but you can do something to fix those mistakes. Same old, same old. I call that LIFE. Life is such a complex thing that is not only encased in what you do, but if you think about it more deeply, it encases everything around you, people, environment, nature, universe, science… As soon as you begin to question what you do, and figure out who you are, naturally and logically you will think what is your purpose in life.

    Is hard to say what is my purpose per example, I try to think what I do (I am a scientist) than I try to think who I am ( I am a sentient being that reasons what I do upon observation). Yet, my environment, what is it? (Is my playground), and what is the relation between me, my playground, and the universe? (unknown). I believe it works the same way for every sentient being in this planet. However, it is important to note that since there must be a driving a force to “do” something there must also be an equal or opposite reaction to who you are, and only you can handle your thoughts, presence, and impressions between you and your playground.

    Gosh I got all philosophical here!!! xD Anyways man, cool post!

    Peace out brother!

  • Welcome to the world of spiritual quandaries, it’s one helluva roller-coaster ride. Hang on to your hat, because this type of ruminating often marks the beginning of huge changes in your life–and usually they’re beyond the realm of your control.

  • Your writing is so fluid and engaging man. You could be talking about puppies barfing rainbows and I’d be entranced. On a serious note though, the snippet on “we are what we do” strikes a deep chord with me. I’ve stopped playing video games simply by seeing myself in the future. Does VC Adam play video games? No way, investing and coaching tech startups into success is enough of a video game. Instead he’s out taking photos of Mayan ruins or filming his whale shark ride with a GoPro when free. That’s where I want to be. I believe we write our stories in the ink of our actions. Another shameless compliment: you’re an inspiration as both a man and a human being. Cheers

  • I read this and after I finish its like you’ve described my life to me in a way an older wiser brother would do it, brutal honesty and corrective action. men across the world need to know these values and truths. we are not being taught this stuff anymore.

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