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How To Grow A Business
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How To Grow A Business

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Sergey Brin inspire, but leave few tangible clues for those of us hacking away at the underbrush of our own small businesses. So for those whose aspirations fall somewhere between “build a business that pays the bills” and “establish a profitable moon colony,” the following might be a useful map.

Here’s the “big idea”: as your business grows, there are different points of highest leverage. In other words, focal points where you get the most return for your time.

These points of highest leverage change as the business grows, and the faster that you move from one to the next, the faster you’ll be the established provider of chili-cheese fries in the Crater B moonbase.

By the way – there’s a cool/crazy thing that happens when you reach the “top”, but we’ll get to that down below ;)  For now, let’s jump in.

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How many sins must one commit to be a sinner?

It’s a question I’ve pondered as I’ve grown my business from a small collection of Google videos, produced by two dudes whose debt ran into the six figure range, to a multi-million dollar enterprise, with staff on three continents.

I’ve become good… ok, actually, I’ll ditch the modesty – I’ve become un-freaking-believable… at selling hope to the lonely, the marginalized, the frustrated. Not quite as good as Obama circa 2008, but enough that it bears reflection.

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